Our clients range from solo and small firm practitioners to lawyers at larger firms. They are located in different parts of Ontario.

Here is what some of our clients have to say about our services:

“Vanessa Lam has provided me with invaluable support with research and complex drafting of Facta. She is efficient, timely and respectful of the budget that I give her. Her work is thorough and her analysis is detailed and insightful. When Vanessa sends me back the draft Factum, Research Memo or Case Brief it is ready to go to the Court or client without any further work required by me. I have no hesitation in recommending Vanessa for all of your research and drafting needs.”

Lorna M. Yates
Cohen Peeters Yates LLP

“I have a small law firm and outsource all of my research to Vanessa. I have worked with her for many years. The quality and timeliness and analytical rigour of her work is fantastic. I have worked for many years on large national law firm platforms and have not previously seen a researcher as skilled.”

Brian Ludmer
Ludmer Law

“We can not thank Vanessa enough for her support, including legal research, drafting and strategizing in our cases. Vanessa’s work exceeded our expectations in terms of her knowledge and quality of her work. We are beyond grateful and continue to refer to all our colleagues.”

Ritu and Reena Horra
Horra Family Law

Making Solo Practice Work

“Vanessa is my secret weapon. She is gracious and generous with her knowledge and skills, always going above and beyond. Her assistance has been the key to making solo practice work for me.”

Rebecca Coyne

“Vanessa Lam’s research and drafting skills are superb and first-rate. She has been an incredible resource for my family law practice. I am a sole practitioner. I typically do not have sufficient time to conduct thorough research in regard to my family law cases. Vanessa’s assistance has been extremely helpful in providing me with needed research from time to time and for drafting Factums. The quality of Vanessa’s work is as good as I have ever seen. I strongly recommend her. She can be of assistance to senior sole practitioners who do not have the time to research legal issues. She would also be of tremendous assistance to junior family law practitioners who need guidance and would benefit from her knowledge of the law.”

S. Lawrence Liquornik

“I am a sole & senior Family Law practitioner. I retained Vanessa for research into a technical inter-jurisdictional conflict of laws problem. Vanessa was a pleasure to deal with, was very accommodating, met two tight deadlines (which were unfair of me to impose yet I did anyway – twice), and the work was top notch. Vanessa provided me with an excellent outline which was clear, concise, and very helpful, I will be making my life easier in the future by asking Vanessa to help me with research. I highly recommend Vanessa’s research work.”

Sole Practitioner

“Vanessa was referred to me by another sole practitioner. Vanessa offers excellent, expert service. She is highly responsive, extremely knowledgeable, thorough and accurate, with quick turn-around times. Would definitely recommend.”

Sole Practitioner

Knowledgable and Trusted by Family Law Colleagues

“I have used Vanessa’s services on a couple of occasions when I needed some legal research done (sometimes on short notice). She is very knowledgeable about the law and efficient in her legal research. She presents her findings in a clear and concise manner and highlights the best arguments I should make for my clients based on the research she has found. Using Vanessa’s services undoubtedly saves me time and my clients’ money.”

Erin Simpson
Family Law Lawyer

“Vanessa is a genius and I do not use that term lightly. She is able to review, process and synthesize information very quickly. Her work is excellent. She is a sharp and talented lawyer who came recommended to me by another family law colleague. I was especially impressed with her ability to cut to the heart of the matter and draft a high quality, succinct brief within time and budget constraints having no prior familiarity with the file. I will certainly be seeking her assistance again in the future when I am inundated with back to back deadlines. She was a lifesaver.”

Sole Practitioner

“I was referred to Vanessa through another lawyer. Since, I have used her services several times. Simply put she is amazing. Not only is she very professional, but her work is excellent. I have relied on Vanessa’s services for the drafting of court materials and research. I have not been disappointed. I do not hesitate to refer Vanessa to other lawyers.”


“I have been a client of Vanessa Lam’s firm for the past two years. In that time, I have sought Vanessa’s assistance on complex family law issues that have arisen in a number of my matters. I find that she is extremely knowledgeable, has a quick understanding of the central legal issues and adopts a very creative, solution focused approach to problem solving. I would strongly recommend Vanessa’s services to my peers. Her team will give legal professionals the research and strategic support that they require.”


An Excellent Team

“Vanessa and Maria went the extra mile to assist with my research inquiries on relatively short notice. In addition to preparing a thorough factum, they provided prompt and helpful responses to subsequent inquiries. Vanessa and her team are simply excellent. Their legal research and memorandums are comprehensive, thorough and well written. As a sole practitioner, their assistance has been invaluable to me. I would highly recommend them to any one of my colleagues.”

Sole Practitioner

“I had a unique pension issue that required a deep case-law dive and am very glad I retained Vanessa and her Team to assist. Vanessa and Rebecca provided a great value for service and were able to provide me with a quick and succinct summary of their research findings, which I could then pass along to my client to help us in making decisions on how to proceed with her case. My client saw the value, and so did I. We will definitely retain Vanessa and her Team again when the next Family Law research issue comes along!”

Family Lawyer

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Vanessa and Rebecca. They delivered an excellent research memo and then made very helpful comments on my OCA Factum. I would recommend them to anyone looking for an ally in complex litigation.”


Appeal Assistance

“Vanessa was extremely helpful to me in both strategizing and drafting my factum for the Court of Appeal. She is extremely knowledgeable about the Rules and Forms as well as the substantive case law. She was able to accomplish tasks more quickly than I believe I could have thanks to her familiarity with the subject matter. I will be consulting Vanessa for trial and appeal strategies going forward.”

Partner in a small firm in Southern Ontario

“Vanessa is an excellent resource for family lawyers requiring assistance with legal research and, in my case, drafting a factum for an appeal and assisting with the preparation of other appeal materials. I highly recommend her and will definitely use her again.”

Sole Practitioner

“Vanessa is one of the most strategic thinkers and planners that I’ve had the pleasure to work with. Her strategic approach was what enable us to be the successful party in the dispute/litigation. I would highly recommend her strategic services to anyone if difficult situations.”

J.L.G. (direct appeal client)

High Quality Work and a Pleasure to Work With

“I’m delighted I found Vanessa. She exceeded my expectations regarding the quality, timeliness, and cost of her work. Her report helped me settle a difficult case. She was a pleasure to work with. I couldn’t be happier I found her and will use her skills again.”

Joel Miller
The Family Law Coach

“A colleague recommended Vanessa Lam to me, and I am so appreciative that she did. At the time, I was in a time-crunch, and was attempting to find some obscure caselaw for an important case I had. Vanessa rose to the challenge — although I was a new client and my request was last minute, she was good enough to assist me by working on the weekend. The outcome was that I was extremely pleased with her professionalism, the efficiency with which she worked, and the results she achieved.

I have utilized Vanessa’s services since then. She provides high quality work that is organized, on-point, and current. Further, in my line of work, it is a godsend that Vanessa is exceptionally reliable, and meets all deadlines. She is honest, very fair with her fees, and an absolute pleasure to deal with at all times.

As a lawyer for over two decades, I can unequivocally confirm that I would have no hesitation recommending Vanessa’s services to other lawyers. As I have recently retired as a lawyer, my only regret is that I did not find Vanessa sooner.”

Sheena Laird (retired)
Laird Family and Estate Law
Ottawa, Ontario

“I am greatly impressed with their work! It is timely, very high quality and court ready. I use them as often as I can and recommend them highly to my clients.”


It is my pleasure to submit this professional peer review for Lam Family Law. Of course, this is a unique firm, in that the focus is on assisting on research and specific aspects of an ongoing file. Some of the important criteria includes but not limited to promptness, importance and focus on deadlines, open communications to confirm instructions, ease of being able to update ongoing instructions, and several other areas. I have worked with the firm on a number of different aspects and under various instructions. The firm ensures that client instructions are fully and appropriately recorded. It is my humble opinion, that the firm performs well above the standard of a reasonably competent research and family law firm. I submit that opinion having regard to the fact that the advice and work are carefully tailored to each specific matter and respective clients’ circumstances. The firm ensures that it captures and understands all relevant legal and factual issues in the work assignments. The firm identifies the issues and facts and manages them appropriately. The firm also demonstrates in-depth knowledge and expertise to address the work assignment. Finally, the firm demonstrates an excellent use of tactics and strategies, demonstrating skill and expertise, to ensure the best outcomes for clients. It is my conclusion is that Ms. Lam is an excellent lawyer, and operates a very reliable and knowledgeable professional services firm.

Sole practitioner
London, Ontario

Efficient and Effective

“I retained Vanessa for legal research and found her work prompt, efficient and effective. I would recommend her to anyone looking for family law specific research.”

C. Nielsen

“Lam Family Law was helpful and efficient. They are very communicative and provided reasonable timelines and met them. They provided excellent research results and their pricing is within the reasonable range. We will use Lam Family Law again for our research/case law needs.”

Tania Harper

“Lam Family law research services are succinct, effective and accurate.”

Owner of a small law firm

“Vanessa is an efficient yet thorough legal researcher and a skilled writer. She is very responsive to her clients and is very knowledgeable about various legal issues.”

Sole Practitioner

“Retaining Vanessa Lam is like having a top tier family law boutique backing you up, at the cost of a junior associate.”

Sole Practitioner